Flower patch grow romper


Image of Flower patch grow romper

Our Brand new romper that grows with your child! Imagine only buying one romper and having it fit for 3 years, WOW!
*Snaps to be added still*
These feature-
-Snaps at the shoulder with 3 different size settings
-Partial lining for comfort
-Inner drawstrings to shorten/tighten or add length for sizing
-Longer cuffs to roll up or down
-Custom, comfy , soft and cute fabrics
The will come in 3 sizes (similar to our Grow-a-longs ) And due to their growing abilities that can fit 3+ sizes they will be priced accordingly.
3-12 months
1-3 years
3-6 years

(first wash) Cold wash low heat tumble dry.
(after 1-2 washes) Warm wash, warm dry.
No bleach.


Image of Flower patch grow romper